Gatimo Apparel

Quality | Efficient | Dependable

About Gatimo Apparel

Gatimo Apparel is your leading garment manufacturing company known for its production quality, efficiency and dependability.

We have created a customer-focused and technology-driven garment manufacturing facility that not only meets the needs of its sub-brand Ruff’n’Tumble, but serves other brands as well for contract manufacturing of fashion items, garments, corporate and school uniforms, bedsheets, coverall/overalls, medical scrubs and other apparel locally and globally.

Our Vision

We are defining new possibilities in African Garment Manufacturing Industry.

Our Mission

Partnering with global stakeholders in ethical sourcing sustainable materials, adapting global HSE standards and creating wealth in our local communities.

What We Do

Our Uniqueness

At GATIMO Apparel, our unique experiences are captured in three words that are entrenched in our culture and daily work; Quality, Efficiency and Dependability. These words help give our local and global customers the opportunity to feel and experience the joy and satisfaction that comes with knowing their needs will be met beyond their expectations and to international standards.

With a full health and safety policy and an in-house HSE Executive, we ensure our working conditions are comfortable, clean and meet the highest level of HSE standards; promoting a hygienic work environment that highly improves the quality of work. With a robust quality assurance system in place, we promote developmental training and capacity building; We ensure our teams are not only paid a living wage but also provided with health insurance and pension benefits., we go beyond work for training that impacts the total well-being of our teams, while we are consistently committed to building and improving our systems and processes.

Why Choose US

Fashion Industry Expertise 92%
Communication & Timeliness 94%
Sewing & Construction Quality 94%
Environmental & Stewardship 60%
Working Condition Of Sewers 82%
Our Online Reviews 59%
About Gatimo Apparel